The Tonkawa District holds Roundtable meetings once a month for Scout leaders. It is an opportunity to share upcoming District and Council events. Roundtable is also an opportunity for Scout leaders to network and discuss issues that are relevant to their individual programs as well as the time of year. After a group meeting together for an opening and general announcements, Cub, Boy Scout, Varsity and Venturing units go to individual break out sessions specific to their program.

Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at the LDS Stakehouse (1100 Stapleton Blvd., Flower Mound, TX

OA Chapter meetings are held on the same night as Roundtable.


Boy Scouts Boy Scout   - John Pinchot

Cub Scouts Cub Scout   - April Borge

Varsity Varsity        - Scott Flake

Venturing Venturing   -  Jon Muir

Opening (all Scouting Participants) Agenda

  • District Wide Announcements (all Scouting Participants)
  • Everyone dismissed to specific Scouting areas
  • Boy, Cub, Varsity and Venturing Specific Announcements
  • Feature of the month (Specific Topic or Guest Speaker)
  • Roundtable item of the month (Open Forum for group ideas & input)


Each unit has a 'mailbox' where important flyers and notices are placed each month for leaders to take back to their units. Please have a representative of your unit collect them.