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The first step in the implementation of the recommendations made by the Service Assessment Committee which were unanimously approved by the Executive Board of the Longhorn Council, November 19, 2019 is the formation of the 2020 District Nomination Committees for the newly formed 12 traditional Scouting Districts.

The nominating committee has a major responsibility mandated in Standard Local Council Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws which states: Form a slate compromised of nominees for District Chair, one or more Vice Chairs, and District Members at Large, plus a nominee to be submitted by the District Chair for Council Executive Board approval to serve as District Commissioner.

Wayne Haythorn has graciously agreed to serve as the Chairman of the nominating committee for the merging of Tonkawa and Topsanah Districts. At the January district meeting, he presented the process and procedure to be followed. He is selecting 3-4 registered Scouters from each district (for a total of 7 or 9 on the committee) and is looking for representation from all facets of Scouting. He'd likeĀ each program in Scouting represented as well as all of the geographic 'regions' of the new district. Since this is an open process, he would like input from ALL SCOUTERS on who should be considered for this committee.

Wayne is a life long scouter, most recently serving as the Council OA Lodge Advisor. He has continue in Scouting beyond his sons' years in the program and maintains many relationships within many of the Troops, Packs, Postsand Crews in both districts. The District Committees are excited to support Wayne in this role.

All recommendations must be to Wayne before the February Roundtable as the membership of the nominating committee needs to be publicly announced 30 - 60 days before the April business meeting (which is scheduled prior to April Roundtable).